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Urban Energy Renewables

We offer Microgeneration Renewable Energy products and solutions, whilst promoting cleaner air while enhancing the comfort of your home and reducing your carbon footprint.

Energy is the ability to do work, while energy surrounds our everyday life's, the ability to harness and use it enconomically as possible should be on everyone's minds.

We Specialise in Solar PV, Ground source and Air source heat pumps, check our on-line pricing and see our approved MCS Accredited Installers list for the UK. We stock leading brands like CTC, Panasonic, Samsung, Kingspan, SMA, Powerone, Sharp, Viessmann, Earth Save Products, Dimplex, REC, Grant, Ideal, ET Solar plus many many more.

Please navigate through the top menu, if you can find what you are looking for please telephone us direct on 01242 226349 and we will be happy to help!

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Air Source Heat Pumps

MCS Approved Air Source Heat Pumps, (ASHP) heat your home or property with energy absorbed from the air around you. Read more on ASHP